About us


We deal in the selling of Ice Cream Products, Baking Products (cakes, breads, donats Etc..), Juice and beverage products and many more.

We are found with in the heart of the city on Nambusi Arcade room M03. Among other products we sell include;

  • Food sweateners
  • Baking Preservatives
  • Food colors products
  • Milk products
  • Icing sugar
  • Ice cream products
  • Juice and beverage products

Innic Entreprises

sample products

CAKES products

Here a number of products ranging from food color, cake caps, baking preservatives, sweeteners, baking preservatives, icing sugar and many more all at INNIC Enterprises

Milk products

We sell milk products in form of full cream milk which is made for human consumption as well as sell Skimmed milk used in making ice cream ad yogurt

Ice cream products

INNIC sells a number of Ice cream products at a whole sell as well as retail selling. we offer to you a wider variety of these products

Other Products

Milk Powder flavor

Quality and Affordable


Quality and Affordable


Quality and Affordable

food colors available in stock

We have a variety of food colors, find us Kikuubo at Nambuusi Arcade room M03 for your orders

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